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I have a custody/ communication question

Fresno, CA |

if i feel the need to have a witness monitor my phone calls with my ex by having her on speaker phone during our calls is that legal, and do i have to notify her up front that theyre being monitored? they arent being recorded because we are a two party state

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To protect yourself and any evidence that may be obtained during the phone conversations I would suggest you get a court order allowing you to monitor calls with someone else or at the minimum advising the other party they are being monitored.

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I would really suggest that,

1) you have a court order; or

2) tell the person that someone is listening to your calls.

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ms johns i really appreciate your honesty and candor ive asked multiple questions of you and youve always replied with what i NEEDED to hear not what i wanted, and i thank you



actually it could be mrs as well, i apologize

Hillary Johns

Hillary Johns


You're very welcome. And it's Ms.

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