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I have a criminal record for possession of marijuana , 3 or 4 times to be exact , they all misdemeanors.

Miami, FL |

will this affect the possibilities of the dream act to cover me?
one of them was just recently, today to be exact. I've gotten "promise to appear in court" in all and was only taken to jail once.

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  1. It shouldn't but wouldn't it be smart to stop being so dumb. Do you really want to risk your future for some pot?

  2. I changed your practice area on your posting to "Immigration" since this is an immigration question and not a criminal law question.

    If you want to become an American citizen then it would be a great idea to lay off the pot.

    Best of luck.

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  3. Yes.

    This is not legal advice and a client attorney relationship is not created.

  4. Guidelines and procedures for the deferred action policy will be released within the next couple of weeks; however according to the original memo, eligibility (among other factors) is for people have not been convicted of a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor offense, or multiple misdemeanor offenses, and meet other key criteria.

    Talk to an attorney in person so he/she can review your criminal dispositions.

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  5. You're probably not going to be eligible because even 1 drug possession charge is likely too many to qualify for DA. Add 3-4 possession charges and it's probably a slam dunk denial and your case could also get referred to ICE to begin removal proceedings against you.

    Try to stay out of trouble and good luck.

    -Sanjay Paul, Esq.

    This is not legal advice. No attorney client relationship exists between us.

  6. It appears that you will in all liklihood be inelgible and that you are deportable and inadmissible to the United States. You should speak to both a criminal and immigration attorney right away so that you can investigate whether these arrests/convictions can be vacated. The fact that they are misdemeanors is of no consequence. Its is more a concern that it is drugs.

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