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I have a couple tickets from 9 years ago that i never took care of and my job says i have pending charges. how do i resolve

Dallas, TX |

plz help

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If the tickets are that old, it means they have probably already been put against your record. Depending upon the amount and circumstances, you may be able to plea for a sweetheart deal and pay much less than face value as the court wants to get paid, and move it out of their system. If these are traffic tickets, talk to a traffic ticket attorney and see what can be done. They should be able to get the warrants pulled/revoked, and then settle the amount owed for you.

  2. The answer really depends on what you mean by "i never took care of". If you entered a plea and never paid the tickets you will just need to pay them off. If you never entered a plea, then hire a ticket attorney as these tickets maybe so old as to make it difficult for the prosecution to locate a witness or for the witness to remember the citation.

  3. Speak with a traffic ticket attorney if you never appeared on these matters.