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I have a contract with a route broker to buy a Fed Ex route and money in escrow. Can i get that money back at least some of it.

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The contract states that I'll get the money back if I'm not approved but it can't be my fault. I wasn't able to handle the route. much to large for me to handle. Broker understood my weakness.
Fed Ex disqualified me. Depot manager said try it on your own and he would deny me if i couldn't handle it which he suspected. So I did.
Here's some other items:
Pressured into signing because if you think to long about it you'll lose it. Wanted to check route out 1 or 2 more times never did.
Broker told me in secret if i need to get out of contract just say you got a speeding ticket - doesn't work
Seller wasn't a good teacher - I went out on weekends to study route.
Wanted to work in December but seller hired his son.
Is this a lost cause? Do I have any shot at collecting any amount.

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You are bound by the terms of the contract, not what the broker or any third party might have said to you. You also are presumed to have conducted due diligence into the route prior to signing the agreement. It is hard to say without seeing the contract but you might have a claim if FedEx did not approve you since that goes to the very purpose of the agreement. I am making many assumptions here, the facts are not very clear and I have not viewed the contract. I recommend that you consult with counsel to see what rights you may have.

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