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I have a clean record but was arrested for theft but not charge is there anyway to get it off my record. we havnt went to court

Harrisburg, PA |

or if the person who did it admit to it at court will they take it off my record.

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  1. You need to file a petition for expungement. Talk toan attorney to file the necessary documents.

  2. If you were not convicted, you can have the charge expunged from your record. Retain a criminal defense attorney to file the necessary court papers.

  3. Depending on the outcome of your case, you may be able to file a Petition for Expungment

  4. As I read the question and the questioner's comments to previous responses the distinct impression that I get is that, in fact, the questioner has been charged, otherwise you wouldn't have to "go to court". There is nothing you can do about getting this off your record until after the case is completed. If at that time you are acquitted, then you could seek expungement of the arrest record. If, however, you end up with a conviction (by guilty plea or verdict of guilty after trial), it will not be eligible for expungement. It would accordingly make sense for you to concentrate you efforts on avoiding a conviction rather than getting something off your record.

  5. Im a bit confused by the circumstances, more information might be needed. If the arrest was recently, you may have a court date approaching. Make sure you dont miss it. Of the case has been disposed of and you were not convicted, you may be able to expunge the record. If you went though a diversionary program such as ard, you can seek expungement afyer a certain number of years

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