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I have a childminding facebook group, which is a closed group and someone has printed off pictures when they are not part of it

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I have permission from my parents to post pictures on the page, however I have discovered that someone who is harrassing my family has printed off pictures of my husband with the children, is this legal

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  1. Making unauthorized copies of your photographs would be a copyright infringement, but you probably won't be able to find an attorney to bring an action unless you registered the copyrights in those images with the Copyright Office before they were infringed. As to the harassment elements, that is something you may wish to speak about with an attorney - without knowing all of the facts about how the photos are being used and what is being done to harass your family, there isn't much we can do to answer your question.

    Obviously, this isn't the proper place to post those details - just as you didn't want someone taking and reproducing your family photos without your permission, I doubt you want these personal details out on the internet where anyone can find and copy or link them.

    No information you obtain from this answer is legal advice, nor is it intended to be. You should consult an attorney for individualized advice regarding your situation. No attorney-client relationship is formed by my responding to your question.

  2. It depends on exactly what you mean by legal. Printing pictures off the internet may not be legal, but it also may. It depends on exactly what they did with them and whether they had to breach some sort of agreement to get at them.
    And harassing people is rarely legal, regardless of anything else.

    Answers and information provided here does not create an attorney/client relationship.

  3. Unless you can articulate some injury here, I suggest you pick your battles. There is nothing illegal about printing a picture off the internet. The bigger question, as noted, will be how they used that material exactly?

    Further, it sounds as if you are not even the copyright owner of any of this material but rather those that provided the pictures to you would be.

    Also, even where some technical infringement occurs if it is so de minimus (which is likley the case here) it will not arise to a cause of action and even if you could afford to bring this matter to court it would be a huge waste of your time, energy and of yes a whole lot of your money.

    If you require further clarification, most of us here, including myself, offer a free phone consult.

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