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I have a Charter junction box on my property and they keep digging up my yard to service THEIR customers. What are my options?

Simpsonville, SC |

Charter is not MY cable or intrenet service provider.

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It depends. If Charter has its own easement, then the easement document will define their use of the easement. If Charter does not have its own easement but is using another easement at the option of that other easement-holder (or by operation of law), then you can complain to the easement-holder. If Charter is exceeding the scope of an easement, Charter might be committing a trespass. You may wish to have an attorney write Charter a letter and bring this matter to the attention of Charter or to the holder of the main easement. It is irritating and inappropriate for Charter or any other easement holder to misuse or exceed the easement. I wish you much luck with this -- a homeowner should not have to put up with this.

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