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I have a charge being processed but I graduated drug court in Jan. will all my charges come back on me?

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Please read this before answering. I graduated Juvinile drug court in Nov. and it was said that if I stay out of trouble for a year and a half I could get my charges completely wiped after all the fines were paid. I now have a Domestic misdemeanor charges against me. My girl has PTSD and it was just a bad night for her. She didn't press charges but the state is. The charges are hopefully in the process of getting dropped, will I still get in trouble with drug court? Will all my charges from before be pushed on me again even if the charges are dropped? Sounds like a faulting system but I'd like to know before hand.

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You should call a qualified attorney in your region and ask him for advice. Typically this is an issue an attorney can advise you of and only charge you for if he is going to represent you.

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I agree with attorney Kriegel, at least call your present attorney or public defender.

Please only call me if your case is in California as I am only licensed here and laws of other states may vary. I approach trials and issues from a legal and common sense approach, This is how the majority of judges I have appeared before in 40 years also make decisions. I do not intend by my advice to enter an attorney client relationship and in most cases advise to obtain legal representation. Sometimes if you can not afford it a consultation or limited scope representation is available. As an experienced attorney I can tell you, judges can be impatient, hate emotional arguments and over exagerations or lies. A brief outline of the problems and desired solutions is always best and I often in limited scope representations advise clients on how to proceed at time of hearing or trial and my fees are considerably less when I do not appear in court as it takes much less of my time.

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