I have a car accident a settle was no offer at this time now is time for a law suit how long will take to reach?

I have a car accident on December 2011, the driver was a fault person, he deny the fault to his insurer, after 6 months was no settle, now my attorney transfer the case to a trial attorney, this is good? what are my chances to recover my Doctors bills money and the total loss money from my car? how long can take? this is common in car accidents law suits?

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Stephen Laurence Hoffman

Stephen Laurence Hoffman

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Chicago, IL

Every case is different but it can take years to reach trial.

You should have your lawyer answer all these questions, as that is his job.

Your lawyer should try to recover your medical bills, the permanent damage you incurred, lost wages, and the deductible you paid to repair your vehicle. Talk to your lawyer and he can explain the specific permutations to your case's facts.

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Nima Taradji

Nima Taradji

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Chicago, IL

I agree with Attorney Hoffman-You should make an appointment with your attorney and ask all these questions. Generally, if the other side denies fault, your only option is to take the matter to litigation and go to trial.

I hope this helps

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Steven Adam Sigmond

Steven Adam Sigmond

Personal Injury Lawyer - Chicago, IL

I for one, think it is a good thing that your case was transferred to a trial attorney.Believe it or not, insurance companies sometimes will persist in denying a claim no matter how nicely you ask. But, the denial does not need to be the last word. When the insurance company sees that a trial attorney with a good track record of success is ready willing and able to prove the case in the courtroom, they may re-evalute. If not, then a jury can decide.

Being a trial attorney myself, a significant portion of my case load comes on recommendations of other attorneys in situations like this. Likewise, when my clients come to me with a difficult situation in an area of law that is outside of my expertise, I will recommend someone else. I believe that the client is well served this way.

Good luck with your case. Here in Chicago, it can take a long time to get to trial, but that is the best path to take in the case of an insurance company denial.

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Stuart M Nachbar

Stuart M Nachbar

Personal Injury Lawyer - Livingston, NJ

I agree with Counsel. Here in New Jersey it can take up to three years to get to trial. Please be patient and work with your attorney to make sure that your case is as strong as possible. I have found that the most prepared clients rarely go to trial, as the insurance companies settle.

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Lars A. Lundeen

Lars A. Lundeen

Personal Injury Lawyer - Rutland, VT

All of these questions should be posed your trial attorney. You should meet with your trial attorney and have a written contingent fee agreement with that attorney.

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