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I have a binary library licensed under MIT (DLL), I don't have its source code, can I use it inside my GPL application?

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I've released a GPL project and I found a useful MIT binary library. But the files I got didn't contain the source. Searched everywhere but no source at all. Can I use it with my GPL project? The overall combination work would be under GPL, my code under GPL, binary library under MIT. I'm just concerned about the requirement to provide source code for the combined work (GPL) since I can't provide the source code for the MIT library.

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  1. Good question. Rephrased a bit, and using the language of the GPL, your question is whether the GPL can be applied to a Program when its author does not convey all of the Program's source code.

    I don't know the answer. But I can point you in the right direction.

    You can read the GPL here:
    You can also subscribe to a very good legal and business question and answer site called Quara [at] and read the answers to very closely related questions [see and click on the "related questions" link on the right].

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