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I have a bench warrant for an unpaid ticket will they arrest me at the DMV if I try to get a new state id (not license)?

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I just found out that I had the bench warrant when I was visiting friends in Colorado. I also found out that my Colorado id expired and I now need a new one in the state I currently live in (Georgia). I know that I can get my Colorado id renewed via the internet, but I think I need the GA one for my bank. I have been saving the money to pay for the ticket, but I'm not working as much as I used to and money has been a little tight. The warrant was issued in Tattnall County and now I live in DeKalb County. I just don't want to be arrested trying to get a state identification card. Thank you for your help.

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It is possible you will be arrrested at the DMV, I would recommend paying the ticket off as soon as possible because you are subject to arrest anytime you have contact with a law enforcement officer.

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You simply need to take care of the CO ticket and warrant. Without doing this you are subject to possibly driving on a suspended license the next time you are stopped. Contact a CO traffic ticket attorney for assistance.

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I don't know why David got a "thumbs down" above. Yes, it is possible that you could be arrested if you went to the DMV. Generally, if you fail to appear on your court date on a traffic violation, the court will issue a FTA. This is reported to the DMV in Conyers and your license is suspended. An official notice is sent to the address that appears on your license. Depending on the court, a bench warrant may be issued for your arrest. You do not state if this was in State, Municipal, or Probate court, but it should say on your ticket. Tattnall is a small county, so I would bet that the case is in probate court. The good news is that many of these courts take payment online or over the phone with a credit card (with a late fee, and a processing fee, of course). If they won't accept your payment online or over the phone, you can mail in a money order or certified check to the court. The court will then send a notice to the DMV that the ticket has been paid.
However, this does not reinstate your license. Many people believe after they pay the ticket, they are OK to drive, then end up in jail on a suspended license charge. After you are cleared by Tattnall county, you MUST go to the DMV and pay a reinstatement fee. The last time I had a client pay this, it was $25, but it may have gone up since then. The bottom line is you need to clear this up with Tattnall County.

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