I have a alibi for my where about the day the person is sayin I commited malices do I take my alibi in when they question me?

The person said I threated them with malice and I was no where by them and I have a alibi will I be arrested?

Bronx, NY -

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Peter J Tomao

Peter J Tomao

Criminal Defense Attorney - Garden City, NY

Do not answer any questions without consulting an attorney. Since you expect to be questioned, you should contact an attorney immediately. Do not disclose your alibi to the police without consulting an attorney. In my experience, potential defense witnesses are intimidated by police contact. A qualified defense attorney will know how to take a statement from the witness. Do not post further details about your situation on this or any other website.. Good luck.
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Andrew Daniel Myers

Andrew Daniel Myers

Personal Injury Lawyer - North Andover, MA

Do not speak with anyone about these allegations. Do not post any information or question on a public website. You have the right to refrain from making any statement that could be construed as self incriminating. Retain defense counsel to discuss further.

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