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I have a 4 year old, deferred, dismissed dui charge in the state of New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM |

I completed all the classes and community service necessary. I have a completely clean and spectacular record otherwise. My question is why this deferred, dismissed sentence comes up on my criminal background check and if there is anything I can do about it. I am trying to get a job, yet I know every time they run my record, they see this and it effects me.

I also have a friend who received a dui and too, got a deferred, dismissed sentence yet her dui is NOT on her criminal record, just her driving record. Why is this different for me, and can I do anything to have a clean criminal record?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Adult trying to move forward with her life.

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Hello there,

You need to speak with an attorney in your area to determine if there is a process in your state to keep this from showing up on your record.

This is known as having your record expunged or sealed.


Erick Platten

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Depending on the state and the conviction is going to depend on how it shows up on your criminal record. I would suggest you contact a lawyer in your area to speak with about this issue. In some states you can have your criminal record expunged after a certain amount of time which would be very beneficial for you. In other states, like Arizona, the best you can get is a set aside however that is better than the conviction alone. Hopefully a lawyer in your area can assist you with moving on with life and putting this conviction behind you.

Nothing in this web post constitutes legal advice. If you have a legal question please see my main site at <a href="">Phoenix DUI and Criminal Lawyer David M Cantor</a> or call 480-858-0808

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