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I have a 1st time bail jumping charge in waukesha, WI. I paid the 500 dollar fine and the other ticket will i get jail time?

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I have a 1st time bail jumping charge in waukesha, WI. I paid the 500 dollar fine and the other ticket

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If a fine was ordered as a sentence then you have resolved the case. If the case is not resolved, then yes you can face the possibility of jail. The penalties or resolution of a bail jumping charge can also differ depending on what the status of the underlying case is.

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I agree with my colleague. Respectfully, your question is somewhat confusing. It sounds like you were sentenced to pay $500 in the bailjumping case. If you were sentenced and that sentence included jail, then you must serve jailtime. If the sentence was for a fine only, then you do not have to serve any jailtime. If you were sentenced and do not know what you sentence was, you can either call the clerk for the court that sentenced you, or look your case up on the following site:;jsessionid=F66600096D03D956B243D8467F837814.render6

If you have not yet been sentenced on the bailjumping, you are facing the possibility of jailtime.

If you have not yet been sentenced, I urge you to consult with a local, experienced criminal defense attorney. If the underlying offense (the offense for which you violated you bail), does not require intent as an element of proof, you may have a valid defense. Both my colleague and myself practice in Waukesha.

Good luck!

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I'm afraid your question is a little confusing as written. Assuming the Bail Jumping is still pending, you do face the possibility of jail time upon conviction. If you were sentenced to the $500.00 fine, the matter is resolved. You should contact a qualified attorney to discuss your questions further.

Feel free to contact me for a consultation. My offices are in Waukesha County and I practice there regularly.

Good Luck.

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