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I have 3 children and the father is receiving child support but the children have not lived with him for years.

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My son joined the military, his unit went active he moved back and now lives in his own apartment going to school, he is 21. has not lived with his father since he was 18.
My daughter is 19 and has not lived with her dad since she was 16 and lives with her boyfriend.
My youngest daughter is 18 in july and lives with her aunt in boston and has not lived with her dad since she was 14. It isnt much child support, but he recently just filled out the cost of living allowance for me to raise my child support.

The child support is through Buffalo, NY, but none of my children live with their dad. and dont even live in the same city , youngest daughter is 18 and just graduated and living in Boston Massachusettes.

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  1. There is not enough information here. However, presuming that the child support order was established in Nebraska, a parent pays child support for a child until their 19th birthday. Thus, when your son and oldest daughter reached the age of majority, your child support should have theortically went down presuming that the child support was based on income that did not put you below the poverty level. If the father is filing a modification of child support seeking more support, you have a good defense that he should not be the one receiving the support since the only child who is a minor is living in Boston. Given the lack of some information, it would be best to contact a local family law attorney.

    Although I am licensed to practice law in the State of Nebraska, this communication does not establish an attorney client relationship. This answer is not a substitute for legal advice from your attorney. It is meant as a brief overview of the process to enhance your knowledge about and comfort with the basic litigation process.

  2. You need to get this straightened out. Contact a local lawyer for a consultation. Someone needs to intercede on your behalf.

    IF YOU FOUND THIS ANSWER "Helpful" or " The Best Answer" YOU CAN THANK ATTORNEY RADDATZ BY MARKING IT SO because Avvo awards the attorney points. MS. RADDATZ is donating her time and talent by answering questions to help those in need of legal information. This is NOT a consultation and in no way creates an attorney-client relationship. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PERSONALLY CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY IN YOUR LOCAL AREA who has specific expertise in the area of law you are asking about.

  3. Contact a child support attorney immediately. Your support should have gone down after your two older children turned 19 no matter who's custody they were in. You will need to bring in all your old court paperwork as well as what your ex has filed recently.

    I am a licensed attorney in the state of Nebraska. However, the advice I give here is not to be taken as legal advice. It is merely my opinion based on the limited information given. In order to assure that your legal rights are being properly represented I would always recommend going in for a consultation with an attorney to explain your case in detail and answer any questions the attorney might have.

  4. Fight the support and get him to pay back some of the money.

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