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I have 2 warrants for failure to pay on my state fines for a case i've already discharged. Can i still be incarcerated for it?

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I have 2 warrants for failure to pay on my state fines. They are for 1 felony case, and 1 misdemeanor case. I have discharged both sentences. 1.) Can i be re-incarcerated and sent back to prison for not paying them? 2) I do want to pay them, but they are asking for the whole amount of which i'm behind up front before removing the warrants, or putting me on a new payment plan. What's the best way around this without having to go to jail, bond out, or pay the whole amount of backed fines up front

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If they are unwilling to recall the warrants without first catching up, then you need to catch up.
Only other option is engage counsel who regularly practices in that jurisdiction. Perhaps counsel can get you walked through and warrants recalled if you can make some payment. Of course, if you can't catch up, you may not have adequate funds to retain counsel.

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