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I have 1 month left to go of my 2 yr probation fore a second DWI. Need a travel permit for work next week and PO ignoring me.

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No problems at all with probation thus far and all fines and classes are done. I just found out that I received a scholarship to obtain a costly certification for my line of work. I left multiple voicemails and an email with my PO to see if she would allow for me to attend the class (2 1/2 weeks long in CA) and she will not respond. I'm a single mom of 2 and am in dire need of obtaining this certification to better my ability to provide for myself and kids. My next PO appt is this Thursday. I'm assuming that she just wants to do things when scheduled? What do I do if she says no?

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If she says no, then you either accept it or appeal to the judge. Are you sure that the probation terms restrict travel? You may be in a dither over nothing. The real question is why you are still reporting to probation 23 months after judgement. It's time for you to be released from any travel and probably most other restrictions of your probation - if you have done well on probation.


You have the option of hiring an attorney to go to the Judge and obtain the travel permit for you.

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Three suggestions: 1. Try one more time to contact her and, if fruitless, ask to speak with her supervisor or even the department chief. 2. Call your lawyer and ask him or her to contact the PO or chief on your behalf. 3. If that doesn't work, have your lawyer contact the judge, directly, since the judge controls the probation and the PO only supervises it.


You've exerted enough effort with the PO. Have your lawyer go directly to the judge and circumvent the PO.

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