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I had taken my car in for servicing at my dealership &they returned the car with a scratch on windshield and refuse to fix. Sue?

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I brought my car in for servicing at my dealership, and when the car was returned to me there was a large scratch on the windshield in the path of the windshield wipers. They had replaced the windshield wipers with new ones. They refused to fix the scratch claiming my car windshield was dirty and that I probably didn't notice it before. The scratch is clearly noticable in any amount of dirt. I do not have any proof that they did it other than friends/family as witnesses that the windshield did not look like that prior to servicing. Also, I called them the same day and left a message but they were closed. They had told me to bring it in and they would fix it no problem. 2 weeks have passed (I was out of town) and when i brought it in they refused. Can I sue for the fix expenses?

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you can sue, however, you have the burden of proof. That means you must prove that they are the ones who damaged it. The two-week issue could be a problem.

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