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I had surgery on a syrnix in my spinal cord in 2008. It was discovered in 2004. I now have nerve damage in my right leg.

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The cyst in my spinal cord (syrnix) found by a neurosurgeon consulted from an abnormal MRI b/c of back pain that I thought it was muscle spasms. Neurosurgeon said at this point (2004) there was nothing to do, but wait. So every 6 months to a year, had MRIs and exams by neurosurgeon. Still had back pain and it never got better even with pain meds. Dr said it wasn't related to syrnix. Obtained my medical records and MRIs from 2004-present and Dr stated in notes that syrnix could be source of my pain, but kept telling me it was unrelated. In 2007, he sent me to pain mgt.(found 2 torn discs)--2008 exam, found partial paralysis in right leg. Had immediate surgery to have shunt placed to drain cyst. Had constant pain in R leg since. That Dr is now dismissive & sees no importance to my concerns

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    If the medical error is alleged to have occurred back in 2004, I believe the Alabama statute of limitations will bar any legal claim. I'm not licensed in Alabama but most states have either a 1, 2, or 3 year statute limitations. This means that a lawsuit must be on file within that period or the legal claims are forever waived. Use avvo or google to find an Alabama lawyer to double check the statute of limitations in your state.

  2. I believe the statute of limitations is 2 years in Alabama, so it would be too late to sue the doctor.


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  3. I'm not in your state, but it looks like you have a statute of limitations problem.

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