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I had surgery for a tendon repair on one finger and now I haven't been able too bend or work with my other fingers what should I

Griffin, GA |

I went back to see the doctor he said I needed a second surgery but my pain level wasnt good enough right now to do another surgery so now he wants to put nerve blocks in my neck and do some physical therpry

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  1. You need to consult a Workers' Compensation attorney and perhaps a better appreciation of your condition.

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  2. I recommend secure a second opinion. Also, I think you should secure the services of a lawyer.

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  3. I agree with the other responses that you should obtain an attorney and get a second opinion regarding your injury.

    Jaret Spevak
    (404) 355-2688

  4. In my opinion, you need a WC atty. right away who can refer you to a competent MD for an immediate 2nd opinion before you do anything else.

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  5. I am sorry you are having so much trouble. I am not quite sure why the doctor wants to do what he recommends, but I would talk to him to clarify why he is making this recommendation. You might be able to ask him to send you to another doctor for a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with the recommendation. An attorney can help you navigate a change of physician if that becomes necessary.

    Good luck.

    Tom Holder

  6. You need to retain an attorney.

    Darrell B. Reynolds Attorney and Counselor At Law
    2385 Lawrenceville Highway,
    Suite, D
    Decatur, Georgia. 30033

  7. If the doctor says you are not able to work, you should be entitled to weekly workers' compensation benefits. I would recommend you consult with a workers' compensation attorney to get your benefits started asap.
    Feel free to call for a free consultation.

    Laura Lanzisera
    (404) 262-0500

  8. A second opinion, and sitting down with a local workers compensation lawyer would be prudent

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