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I had IME the physician told us my husband could not go into the exam rm it was illegal and would make exam invalid. Tor F??

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During this IME the physician agreed with me on my condition, did a 2 min exam with all my clothes on, told me how sorry he was for my situation stating this is rare and how bad he felt. However the report he wrote was totally the opposite. I can go back to work without restrictions, plus carry/lift 100+ #. Which he never tested for?? I am female 5'. Also wrote in report things that he never did on exam, or never happened. I am on SSDI however this LTD insurance did of course dropped me on this IME report. I did appeal but going on 3 months to find anything out.

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Since you state you are in an appeal process, I urge you to turn to your attorney so she/he can advise you: She should know your case details as well as anyone. It would not be appropriate, of course, for a medical doctor to state in a medical report that certain matters had occurred in a patient examination when they had not. Mistakes do sometimes occur.

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I do not have an attorney at this point. The LTD insurance company stated I could appeal on my own . I was just wondering if you can have a family/friend during the exam with me. This physician stated I could not.

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