I had dui in 2012 and my green card new to be renew in 04/13, would I have problem to renew?

Back in 01/22/12 I had my first dui in the State of Maryland, since then I been in probation before judge, now my green card will expire in April 2013 that dui will affect my renew of my green card ? That the only violation I have since I been in the country

Baltimore, MD -

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Obadan Unuigbojie Iziokhai

Obadan Unuigbojie Iziokhai

Immigration Attorney - Worcester, MA

As long as no one was hurt the DUI should have no effect on your application to renew your green card.

Kristina A. Gasson

Kristina A. Gasson

Immigration Attorney - Medford, MA

I agree with my colleague. As long as there was nobody hurt, you should be OK.

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Irene Vaisman

Irene Vaisman

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

you should be able to renew the green card. Be prepared to send them your certified disposition. Best to work with an attorney

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