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I had been arrested for DWI in Texas and a 2nd time 2 years later for Boating while intoxicated. Can I get concealed handgun lic

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I had first been arrested for DWI in san antonio, texas later the charges were dropped. due to the police officer never showed. about a year or so later I was arrested for Boating While Intoxicated and again charges were dropped. this was about 3-5 years ago. Can I apply and get my concealed handgun license without any issue?

Also in the near future i would like to apply for department of homeland security border patrol or a similar agency how and will this affect me?

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You shouldn't have any problems. What you really need to do is to both arrests expunged. Those arrests are on you record and will remain on your recond until you seek an expunction.

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The fact that these arrests bother you is strong support for your need to get these expunged. If they bother you, imagine how they would adversely affect your chances to get a job or perhaps even housing or other benefits that you need. They need to go away completely and expunction is the only available remedy. Let me warn you though: because so many databases are maintained and available on the worldwide web, it might be difficult to make them go away completely. So the earlier you begin and the more aggressive your attorney, the better chance of clearing your record completely.

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You may or may not have an issue. No, you do not have any convictions but your arrest record indicates a possible problem with alcohol - a reason that you can be denied a concealed handgun license.

You should definitely move to expunge these cases from your record as soon as legally possible for many reasons inclulding the way that the police look at you when they stop you on traffic.

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