I had an fall at work on 03/26/12 . I need to know if it is too late seek legal help. I saw Workman comp doctor first day.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Columbus, GA

I had a fall on 03/26/12. I stepped in a pothole and hurt my back, fractured the tip of pelvic and also hurt my right hip and leg. I was seen by doctor approved by workman comp. I have had several issues with the care in the beginning, then was sent to see a pain doctor who had tried to help with several steroid shots. I still have pain at night when sleeping also , they want to dismiss the the injury to my right hip and leg. They are asking me to believe that my injury is related to a prior back problem. Since the other two shots did not work the way thought it would, now they want me to see a back doctor for a possible operation. I have been told it is too late to seek and legal advice. Please confirm

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    Answered . That is incorrect. A claim must be filed within one year from the date of the injury, so you are definitely within the time period. You may even have more time to file a claim because you have received authorized medical care. I would encourage you to immediately obtain legal counsel. We are 404-523-6100 if you want to discuss this matter further.

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    Answered . It is absolutely not too late to seek legal advice or file a workers' compensation claim. At a minimum, you have one year from the date of accident, which has not even expired yet. Given your remedial medical care, you have even longer. Nonetheless, you need to move on your claim quickly. You should immediately speak with a workers' compensation attorney. I offer a free consultation and would be glad to address any questions you have. Whomever you speak with, get an attorney to help you pursue your claim.


    B. Shawn Rhodes
    Powers and Rhodes

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    Answered . It is not too late to get assistance from an attorney. You should call a workers compensation attorney in your area immediately.

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    Answered . You should contact a lawyer immediately so you know exactly what your legal rights are. Workers compensation attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay them until you recover. It is well worth it to have guidance through the workers compensation minefield. I would be happy to speak with you.

    Josh Carroll
    Buzzell, Graham & Welsh, LLP
    Macon, GA
    (478) 742-8820

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    Answered . Does not sound as if you are too late but you need to get on the phone and select a Georgia Workers compensation attorney as soon as possible, delay will hurt your case.

    Call any of the attorneys listed here, act quickly.

    Good luck.



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    Answered . It is never too late to seek legal advice but you should do so right away. Do not try to handle this serious situation yourself or you the insurer will turn the screws to you. You need to speak to someone that handles a lot of workers' comp like one of these attorneys that answered your question.

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    Answered . Every answer on here is right. It's not too late. Call a lawyer now.

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    Answered . You have one year from the date of accident or date of last authorized medical treatment in which to file a w. comp claim to protect your rights. You are entitled to ongoing medical care as long as it relates to the original on the job injury. Feel free to contact me or you can contact an attorney who specializes in w. comp in your area.

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    Answered . As my colleagues said, whoever told you it was too late to seek legal advice (and presumably pursue your claim) was badly mistaken. You have plenty of time to pursue your remedies and it sounds like you need an attorney to assist you in getting the correct medical treatment. You should know that you cannot be forced to have surgery if you do not want that.

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    Answered . It is not too late seek legal advice, and you should do so immediately. As has been previously stated, there is a one year statute of limitation which could be quickly approaching unless a claim has already been filed on your behalf. If the medical treatment you have received to date has been paid through your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier, then more than likely the employer reported your claim to the State Board of Workers' Compensation. Nevertheless, the fact that "they" are now trying to relate your current problems to a previous injury warrants attention from someone who can work on your behalf. It's definitely in your best interest to find someone soon. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Rod Jones
    (770) 936-8999

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    Answered . I agree that it is not too late. However, you should speak to an experienced workers' comp attorney immediately. Our firm is in Macon and we travel to Columbus often. We would love to speak with you in a free consultation. Our number is 478-254-3606. Good luck.

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    Answered . It is absolutely not too late to seek legal help and from the way you describe the situation your employer is trying to "out play" you. I guarantee that your employer has been getting legal advice and you should too.

    I have handled hundreds of workers comp. claims in Georgia over thirty years and my initial consultation with you is free.

    Law Offices of Robert G. Rothstein
    404-216-1422 or see website at:

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    Answered . You can and should get legal advice from an atty in your area who practices primarily in workers compensation.

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    Answered . It is not too late for legal assistance. Give me a call at 404-636-6616 and I can help.

    Darrell B. Reynolds, Sr.
    Attorney and Counselor at Law

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    Answered . They are probably trying to get the claim dismissed because there has been no activity. It is imperative that you seek legal assistance in GA immediately, to protect your existing rights.

    We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY... more

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