I had an automobile claim which took about 2 months to process. Should i be reimbursed for the time i didnt have a car?

Asked almost 5 years ago - Orlando, FL

I was involved in an accident in which a major car rental company was liable for. It took almost a month of back-and-forth phone calling, and nearly an additional month to get my car fixed.

I asked them from the very beginning for a rental car, and they kept coming up with excuses. First, they said they needed to determine liability, then they said they had to get a statement from the other drivers, and they kept postponing until my car was finally fixed. Now they say im not entitiled to an kind of rental reimbursement. Should I get a lawyer?

Attorney answers (4)

  1. Jennifer Ann Jacobs

    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . Based on your question it sounds like you did not have a rental vehicle while your car was being fixed. Therefore you are entitled to be reimbursed for "loss of use" of your vehicle. Additionally, depending on the year and make of your vehicle, you may also be entitled to diminished value. This is something an attorney would pursue on a contingency fee basis. If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Bryan David Caulfield

    Contributor Level 9

    Answered . They are wrong and should have allowed you to use one of theirs. Under FL law they owe you for repairing your vehicle and they owe you for loss of use of your vehicle if it was disabled due to the property damage. As a practical matter however it may be difficult to hire a lawyer if the amount of your loss is small. If they have fixed the car you would also need to make sure you have not released them from paying these damages if you signed a release already.

  3. David James Reinard

    Contributor Level 7

    Answered . They do owe you for rental reimbursement, but probably only for as long as it took to actually repair the car.
    Unfortunately, I doubt a lawyer would help because the amount of money involved is probably pretty small.
    I would send them your receipt and keep after them. They should pay this.

  4. Howard Robert Roitman


    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . As a practical matter it is hard to get rental reimbursement for this car crash for this kind of damage.

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