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I had an asylum interview, and I have been recommended for approval. But there are some complications. What would be the result?

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I had an asylum interview, and I have been recommended for approval. But there are some complications.
The interviewer pointed out that I might be taking facts out of someone else's asylum plea, and using it in mine. However, this is not true because some facts are common to all asylum requests. And so I have incorporated these facts and my experiences in my asylum application. The interviewer said I would have another round of interview.
The letter which was given to me after the interview states my result date after a gap of two weeks. It also says that my request has been recommended for approval.
What would be the purpose of this next round of interrogation? What would I be asked? What does "recommended for approval" mean? Please help me understand and prepare for the next interview

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It is unclear to me why your letter would indicate your application is recommended for approval if it also schedules you for another interview. Generally, if an asylum application is recommended for approval, this means that your case will be granted unless there is some other discretionary or legal reason for you to be denied. In your case, if they want to interview you again, I would think that they want to make sure that your story remains consistent. If you are memorizing and fabricating a story, then you are more likely to answer in a contradictory way the second time. So if everything in your application is true, and you answer all questions the second time consistently with the first interview, then I would think you have a good chance at approval. Don't make up anything, and don't add anything to try to make your case sound better. If you didn't tell about something in your written application and at your first interview, then if you bring it up at your second interview you will be deemed unbelievable.


I would consider hiring an attorney to go over your paper work and possibly attend the interview with you. For a free consultation give me a call.
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