I had an arrest for "Robbery" two years ago in Texas. How long do i have to wait to do an Expungment?

Asked over 2 years ago - Raymondville, TX

Case was Dismissed and The Dismissal Letter says " VICTIMS IN THIS CASE DO NOT WANT TO COOPERATE WITH THE ARRESTING AGENCY AND REFUSE TO GIVE STATMENTS AS TO THE INCIDENT." I in Fact did Not Rob anybody that night but gave a ride to an old friend that I ran into at a club that actually did commit this crime without my knowledge.. (Bad judgement call on my part) Law Enforcemnt refused to hear my side of the story at the time of arrest.. This is now hurting my Job search for decent jobs when employers run a back ground check on me.. Even tho the case was dismissed an arrest for Robbery does Not look good at all. I need to remove this arrest of my record.. Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks and God Bless..

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    Answered . The answer to that would probably depend largely on whether the DA's office that handled the case is willing to go ahead and let it go now, which would essentially be an acknowledgment that not only did they not have enough evidence to successfully prosecute, but that it really was a bad case to begin with. If they are, you should be able to get the expunction now. If not, you're probbaly going to have to wait until the satire of limitations has run (five years in this case).

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