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I had an appointment to see my authorized treating physician today. I told him I went to get a second opinion.

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The Independent Medical Examiner told me I had nerve damage along the right side of my ankle, where I received surgery. My authorized treating physician had me removed my shoe and sock. He tested my foot and ankle and realized I still have some pain and gave me a disability rating of 5%. What does this really mean for me?

Initially, I injured my right ankle on 01/13/2012, while, working during the night shift. I had tendon surgery to repair two tendons of the right ankle and a lateral aspect of my heel for an osteochondroma growth on 05/02/2012. The authorized treating physician didn't tell me or explain the procedure for the growth removal until the last day of my appointment on 11/19/2012, after, then, he discharge me.

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  1. It sounds like you were given a rating under the disability guidelines.

  2. Definitely sounds like the doctor gave you a disability rating based on your injuries and resulting limitations.

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  3. Sounds like rating under guidelines.

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  4. If you are referring to your authorized treating physician in the workers' compensation case then the 5% rating means that he believes that you retain 5% permanent disability to your leg. If he determined that this resulted from the accident, it would be worth the equivalent of 11.25 weeks times whatever your weekly benefit rate is if you workers compensation claim is still opened. If you are not working and are getting weekly benefits this would be added to the end of your benefits. If you are not getting any other benefits, these PPD benefits would be commenced now. If you would like to provide further details, I would be happy to give you a free consultation.
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  5. Hello - I am assuming you have been receiving medical care through the workers compensation system. A disability rating is assigned to you either by your authorized treating physician or a functional capacity evaluator. It is the percentage loss of body part due to work injury. It entitles you to financial recovery. I am happy to answer further questions. Nate Hansford 770-922-3660. Located in Atlanta. Thank you!

  6. The disability rating was in all likelihood given in accordance with the American Medical Association Guidelines. What this means for you is an entitlement to some money specifically for the permanent impairment which you have sustained as a result of your work-related injury. As has been pointed out, if the rating was given to your lower extremity, you have an entitlement to 11.25 weeks of benefits at your "comp rate" (I'm assuming you received weekly benefits at your "comp rate" while out for surgery, at least).

    Feel free to contact me, or any of the fine attorneys who have responded to your question if you have any other concerns.

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  7. Hello. You should receive weekly or a lump sum payment. The amount depends on whether the rating is to your lower extremity or your foot. You can also move for a change of physician to the IME doctor or another doctor. I would suggest you contact a WC attorney to explore your options.

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