I had an accident and i'm about to settle this case but i think this is something wrong..

Asked almost 2 years ago - Lakewood, WA

i got an accident on may 2012 and i already have attorney..
but i feel like i'm ripped off.
my car property damage was about $800
my medical cost was about $ 5000 for 3 month
here is info. that what paper shows
Gross offer from the xxx insurance company: $7,899,89
Less attorney fees: thirty three percent: ==$2.633.30 -$ 571.61
Subtotal: $2.061.69 // $5838.20
Total to client: $2.100.00

is this ok settlement amount? or is my attorney gets lot more money than me?
i dont think thats not 33%..
attorney is $2.061.69 and i'm $2.100.00.
ITS ONLY $39.00 difference!!
I really dont understand that my attorney was $2600.00 and i was only $2100.00 even he gave me $500 discount its only $39.00 different. thats like 48% attorney fees NOT 33% ..
Please tell me if this is fair settlement or not

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    Answered . The math looks right. There is not enough information in your question to value your claim, but assuming the value is fair this is a normal split. There are usually costs to get records and other items that reduce your award.

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    Answered . Well, it's simple math $7,899 x .3333 is around $2,632. So that sounds about right. It's possible that without an attorney, your offer would have been significantly less. In some rare circumstance, people still owe money after settling a claim.

    Minh Tran

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    Answered . Always bet to get a lawyer with a low contingency fee, less than thirty percent, who can negotiate the medical liens down to 5-10 cents on the dollar.

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