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I had accident two days ago,and the other driver was her fault. I do not have insurance but she does .

Ypsilanti, MI |

My car has a bigger damage than her.Can they fix my car, and some people told me that she can sue me.

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  1. Her insurance company should pay for your damages. How can she sue you if she was at fault? Is there a dispute as to who was at fault.

  2. You are completely barred under Michigan law if you are the owner and operator of the vehicle you were driving, and yes, you can be sued too. Here is a blog that explains this dangerous loophole under our law:

  3. If she was at fault she cannot sue you and yes her insurance pays for your damage.

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  4. I would take Mr. Gurstens advice and get a Michigan lawyer to advice you.

  5. Mr. Gursten is right, as usual. While out-of-state attorneys mean well, Michigan law is quite different when it comes to auto accidents and no-fault insurance requirements. I strongly suggest you review the link Mr. Gursten gave you. I wish you luck!

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  6. Best bet is to call one of the lawyers in your state who answered above to look into this.

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  7. If you do get sued, and you will likely get sued by her insurer, contact me if you need defense coverage. You become your own insurer and need help.

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  8. In Michigan, if you drive without insurance (either on you or on the car), you are at risk for both civil liability and criminal prosecution.