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I had a writ of body attachment issued againist me in illinois, i live in wisconsin. can i be arrested in wisconsin.

Madison, WI |

it was for not showing up for a court date in a small claims case

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you can generally find this out by calling your local police department...tell them you understand that you may have a warrant out for you and wanted to know if they could check...if it shows up ask if this means you would be arrested if you were picked up in WI (they cant answer for ILL)


If you have a body attachment in Illinois, it is possible that you could be arrested in Wisconsin and held until transfer is authorized to the care and custody of the Illinois sheriff of any particular county.

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You need an attorney now. Depending on why the writ was issued (e.g., were you ordered to do something and did not comply? were you sued and you just decided not to fight?), you may have grounds to fight it. Otherwise, you can be picked up in one state on a warrant in another state.

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