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I had a warrant issued for my arrest for grand theft.

Tampa, FL |
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On Jan 27 th 2009 i mistakenly picked up the wrong cell phone off the table I was sitting at in a local bar and grill once I got home I realized the phone was not mine.The very next morning I took the cell phone to the managers house so he could return it to the rightfull owner. I was never arrested but an officer asked me about it when I was walking home from my childrens school and I told him just what happened.He told me the rightfull owner had got his phone back and said if the police needed that a detective would be in touch with me.No detective ever spoke to me.Now twice police have come to arrest me on a warrant for the theft of the phone,they are going to my inlaws were my wife and children are living once on April12 and then yesterday May 19th. Please any help is appreciated.

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I suggest that you contact a attorney that can look into the facts of this case and see on what bases they are filing charges against you, if any. Perhaps, you never know, it’s totally unrelated to the phone incident. If in fact it is related to the phone incident that you have described it appeares that you have some viable defenses to the alleged charges and that is something an attorney should be able to navigate for you. When they went by, they should have left a contact card. It’s a good idea to have that available when you speak to an attorney so that he/she could ultimately contact the detective and find out the facts for you. Good luck

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You must contact an attorney in an effort to resolve this warrant. It would be advisable for your attorney to talk to the state attorney as early as possible. This is done to try and get a stipulation as to bond reduction on the warrant. If that does not work a motion can be filed to have the judge address the bond amount. Don't worry the merits of your case can be addressed later once you get into the system. A mistake like you described can be an affirmitive defense in these types of theft cases as intent is a required element. That is long for you may have a good case to defend. Call if you want further assistance. 813-307-9801

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