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I had a tubal ligation, cut, burned & clips had eptopic 6 mths later both tubes now removed scary ordeal do i have a case in VA

Spotsylvania, VA |

I was told that the tubal ligation would be permanant & that the doctor never had anyone get pregnant. I already have 4 kids. I got the tubal in dec 2011 and found out in aug. 2012 that i was 4 wks along with an etopic preganancy. i lost alot of blood and my family was exteremly scared for me. thank God I made it through but my new ob/gyn admitted that the original surgeon "performed a lazy job" by looking at my records & pictures. Many tates will help families but I'm having a hard time in VA finding someone to help me. any suggestions?

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  1. With any medical malpractice case, you would need to retain a medical malpractice attorney who can order your records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care. You can find a local med mal lawyer in your state on Avvo. Good luck.

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  2. You may have a valid claim. I suggest that you use avvo or google to find a medical malpractice attorney in Richmond, VA, or in the D.C. suburbs. You likely won't find such a specialist out in rural areas. The consult will be free of charge, I'm sure. A telephone call is likely enough at the beginning. The attorney will be a little skitish as to whether you can sufficient damages. Before you make the call, try to get an idea of a dollar amount in medical expenses that were charged in your treatment for the ectopic. Tally up any lost wages. Be prepared to describe the pain, the costs, the impairment.

    A local VA lawyer will know better about your statute of limitations and the specific "medical malpractice" laws in your state. Each state's laws are a little different. However,based on the medical information you provide, I suspect that the OB-Gyn that performed the ligation may well have erred. Good luck.

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