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I had a search warrant served at my home last week. The record is sealed. what happens next? no drugs were found.

Mayville, WI |

They were searching for items associated with dealing of drugs. I am not a drug user or dealer. My daughter use to smoke.. but that was 2 years ago and she is 16. My oldest daughter also resides with me.. she is 19. They found nothing but 3 soda can pipes. I did not know my youngest use to smoke until recently and she does not any longer. My question is what happens now.. the record is sealed. Im terrified to be home for fear of something else happening. We are not criminals.. but found out recently we associated with a person we should not have.,.. I guess I would like to know what happens now?

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  1. The police review the evidence and decide whether to forward the case to the prosecutor's office. Then the prosecutor decides whether there's probable cause to issue charges. Contact a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney.

    Please note that this answer does not constitute legal advice. It is merely intended to provide general information to aid the poster in finding answers to the problem posed. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. In most cases, it is best to contact an attorney directly to find answers to your problems.

  2. An experienced lawyer will contact the authorities and attempt to determine what the investigation is about. The prosecutor may not share everything, but he or she is likely to share some information, and give a sense of where the case is headed. Now is the best time to get a lawyer involved, because he or she may be able to convince the prosecutor to limit or even drop charges. I encourage you to contact an attorney immediately. Do not just sit and wait.

    The response I have provided is general in nature, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. My practice is based in Rhode Island, and the law and practice in other states or jurisdictions may be different.

  3. There are 3 possibilities at this stage. One, the police may close the case without forwarding it to the District Attorney's Office and without any charges being issued. Secondly, the police may not feel it is worth bothering the District Attorney with what little they found but may, instead, issue a citation for the soda can pipes that were found. Thirdly, the police may forward what they discovered during their investigation to the District Attorney's Office for review to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

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