I had a previous employer that took advantage of most, if not all of his employers because they were of hispanic , LatinAmerican

Asked 11 months ago - Buchanan, NY

Decent..He did not pay overtime hours/ rate or time and a half over 40 hours and I /other employers worked Monday through Saturday sometimes over 50+ hours and he would pay straight time. Upon looking information about my previous employer..I found out that, previously he had gotten a dwi in the town he resides in.. And it was published in news article online. After working for him as his "employee" I saw how he took advantage of his employees in different ways. I know a friend of mine that works for a local online newspaper ..(She is a writer that looks for and finds stories to publish) ..IS it possible that I tell her the story about my employer and him taking advantage of his employees..So his customers can find out about his true character? I have an overtime wage case against him

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    Answered . Many cases for unpaid overtime are settled before trial with the agreement that it will be kept confidential. You may joepardize any chance of settlement if you publicize the case.

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    Answered . I suggest you discuss this with your lawyer.

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    Answered . Don't do anything before consulting with your attorney. Based upon the facts you present, a class action lawsuit in federal court could be commenced under federal law( The Fair Labor Standards Act) and state law.

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  4. Answered . In terms of a discrimination as opposed to wage and hour case, the question would be whether he maintained such policies only for employees of Hispanic national origin. I hope your case includes the New York Labor Law as well as the federal, because the State law allows more years of back pay. I would not attempt to reach his customers. He'll just pass it off as a letter from a disgruntled employee, and you may be liable for interfering with his business relationships. (Admitted in CT and NY)

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