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I had a notice of violation reported on my interlock and have a court date on Thursday in Collin County. What am I facing?

Fort Worth, TX |

I am in pre-trial and was arrested in January for DWI. What is going to happen? This is my first violation, but I am scared. I have not violated the interlock since March, but this is suppose to be our last court date. I'm a young college student and am getting ready to graduate in December. Is this going to cause a lot of problems with getting a job? Am I going to be arrested? Please help. I do have an attorney, but he just said this has caused more problems.

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  1. Since you have an attorney you should talk with them about your situation. Good luck and be persistent for answers.

  2. The big upside for you is that you have an attorney. He or she will be the best source of information regarding potential outcomes from the interlock violations you mentioned. I strongly recommend that you contact your lawyer - if s/he is not available at that time, then make an appointment for another time. Ultimately, only your lawyer will know enough about the status of your case to give you an accurate forecast of what may happen.

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation.

    Nothing in this answer is intended to be construed as legal advice. In order to obtain legal advice on any topic, you will need to consult with an attorney on a private, in-person basis to discuss the specific facts and circumstances surrounding your issue. Neither this answer nor its particular contents are intend to create an attorney-client relationship between you and William B. Short, Jr. or between you and Coats | Rose, PC.

  3. Your lawyer won't predict the outcome of this hearing, but you want an answer from this forum?? There are too many possible issues to consider, which begin with the question of how/why this happened. It is really hard for a "young college student" to realize the seriousness of this arrest. You were arrested with a high level of alcohol while driving and now this violation. This raises a serious concern that your relationship with alcohol is a serious problem, perhaps addiction, that requires serious alcohol evaluation and training-and/or more rehab. This "violation" is an indicator of the more serious concerns that will concern the judge when he considers this matter. It appears that your attorney plans to wrap it all up with a plea at the next court date, which is fine legal strategy, but it will be your mistake if you continue to have this alcohol "problem" that is the real threat to your future. Some of this will be investigated, there will be some minimal education required as conditions of your probation, but unless you have a real expert do a real evaluation and appropriate alcohol training, you will be in far worse trouble before you can move on to your future.

  4. In Washington, you would be summonsed to court on a "probation violation hearing." The prosecutor and your probation officer would give their recommendations to the judge. These recommendations could range from a warning to a court fine (under $500) to jail time (5-10 days); and/or a combination of all these. If you were on a Deferred Prosecution program, then you would be immediately revoked and sentenced to 30-45 days jail (this doesn't sound like your situation). Your situation is still problematic, however, because you already have a similar prior violation. Fortunately, your attorney can appear at the hearing and make arguments on your behalf (and he's right, your violations are only causing you problems and limiting his ability to effectively advocate on your behalf). Good luck.

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