I had a deposit made to my bank account it was error am I responsible for this

Asked over 2 years ago - Peoria, AZ

deposit was made to my account, was not my paycheck, I use the money thinking it was my paycheck, what do I do

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  1. Pamela Koslyn

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    Answered . You give the money back that wasn't yours, presumably out of your next actual paycheck. It was the bank's fault, but it still wasn't your money to spend.

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  2. John Warwick Caldwell

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    Answered . Funny story ... or maybe not ... I actually was in this position. I thought the deposit (electronic direct deposit) was for something I expected ... was a little happy that the amount was somewhat higher than expected ... but overall, thought it was mine.

    Friend, the fecal material hit the wind machine!

    Bank manager called in a very threatening manner ... using words like 'fraud' and 'jail.' Since bank was located close to my office, I suggested a meeting with him and his group manager. When I explained the situation the group manager looked as thought she was going to 'slap the manager upside the head' as my granny used to say.

    In short, Bank manager assumed the worst and looked like a jerk.

    We were able to reverse the transaction without a problem and I got a letter of apology from the bank manager, doubtless at the behest of the group manager.

    Friend, your situation does not have to be traumatic, but I surely agree that the money is not yours. Suggest you take the initiative, call the bank .. speak with a MANAGER ... get his or her name .... agree on how to correct this, without generating an overdraft on your account and THEN PAPER THE AGREEMENT at least in Email.

    ... and you, too, ought to get an apology. A guess a toaster is too much to hope for.

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