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I had a case of misdemeanor , not arrested but cited,charged,plead not guilty and case dismissed in best interests of justice,

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no probation class or fines involved, currently i am going to renew my (med) state license which asks for only convicted cases,do i need to disclose this incident.

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    In State licensing matters, always parse the exact words of the instructions and answer precisely as asked. The State has access to the criminal history record and does not rely on the licensee or applicant for its info. The application or renewal form is just an applicant/licensee integrity test. The State will ask for any info that it wants. Provide specific info in response to specific instructions.

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  2. Read the question in your application carefully. If it asks you to disclose "convictions" then you can honestly answer the question no since you said that the case was dismissed. If the question asks whether you were charged, cited, arrested, etc, which is much broader, then you should disclose the case on your application. That it was dismissed should not impact renewal of your current license.

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