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I got two speeding tickets in a month. I got them in two different counties the first being in Woodford and the 2nd in Kankakee.

Kankakee, IL |

Is there anyway that I could get supervision for both? I was on supervision in November for a texting ticket but that ended in February. If i take a driving class for one and get supervision on the other would that work? I'm 19.

the first one i was going 79 in a 55. the second one i was going 41 in a 30

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    Possible but unlikely. In Illinois, you can only get supervision twice in a one year period. A driving class IS supervision. If you get supervision on one and a conviction on the other, you should not be suspended unless you had another conviction within 24 months.

    Wayne Brucar

  2. Supervision is not likely for both. One yes. The other yes. But not likely on both.

  3. If you received supervision in November, 2010, you cannot get supervision on both pending tickets, only on one (two supervisions per 12 months is the law).

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