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I got summary judgment against me so i submitted an opposition to summary judgment and im getting a hearing about it. do i need

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to also do a motion for reconsideration or appeal or wait till i hear back on this first?

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  1. First you need to go to the hearing and argue the motion and see what happens.

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  2. Summary Judgment can be very important, and may determine the issues so that you are no longer entitled to trial. If the other side submitted affidavits, you may have to submit an affidavit yourself, or you will lose. Once you receive a summary judgment motion, this is a good time to see an attorney, because
    if you fail to raise certain defenses to the motion, you may have waived them for purposes of an appeal.

  3. Was a summary judgment entered against you or were you served with a motion for summary judgment? If a judgment was already entered against you, you will want to file a motion for rehearing/reconsideration before you file an appeal. Did you attend the summary judgment hearing? Was a court reporter present? There are many facts that are needed in order to properly advise you. I strongly suggest that you consult with an attorney regarding the particulars of your case. Many attorneys on here, including myself, offer free initial consultations. Best of luck!

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