I got sexually harassed over facebook by my employer

my boss asked me to have a baby with him over facebook i got in contact with his general manager and the told me that they were not going to do anything because somebody hacked his facebook i feel real uncomfortable working there and i got to find a new job because i dont want to work with him

Dallas, GA -

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Thomas Andrew Miller

Thomas Andrew Miller

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Atlanta, GA

Unclear whether you have a legal cause of action on these facts. My advice would be to press on and continue to contact management. Definitely document every awkward correspondence from this person. Down the line you may want to assess your options with a local attorney or EEOC.gov

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Lee Tucker

Lee Tucker

Employment / Labor Attorney - Seattle, WA

Consult with a local reputable employment attorney. Depending on how long you worked there, you may or may not have a strong case because the attorney will have to assess what your monetary damages would be. If you feel that you cannot work there again, then you should start looking for other work.

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Scott Benjamin Riddle

Scott Benjamin Riddle

Bankruptcy Attorney - Atlanta, GA

There is no way to conclude you have a strong case, or any case, or any damages even if you did. First, obviously your post indicates there is a question of whether or not the boss even wrote the comments. If it is an isolated incident and no real evidence he posted it (beyond possibly very expensive computer forensics), realistically you would have a longshot case. In addition, even if he did post it, as rude and distasteful as it appears, isolated incidents often don't give rise to strong legal claims. Again, you only mention a single incident. Often the best option is to find a new job.

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