I got property manager complaint and warning. If I receive another warning- they will evict me.

I live in beautiful but poorly designed complex. My patio is connected to the property's garden and it makes it very easy for my 3 year old child to climb and be on the lawn. I hate when it happens and try teaching her not to do this. She climbed up and I had to climb right after her to bring her back. My neighbor ( who doesn't have kids) made a complaint against me and the manager said if I get another complain I will get evicted. I do not do this on purpose and this is my 3 year old child who is so attracted to blooming roses there. I am a single mom, who doesn't party or smoke in my apartment. Now I receive a warning that has a lot to do with my child? If this happens again- what should I do? Just leave her there so I dont get another warning again? Accidents happen for god sake! WOW

Tarzana, CA -

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Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Real Estate Attorney - San Marino, CA

A landlord (or property manager working for the landlord) has a duty to ensure quiet enjoyment for all tenants. If you are current in paying rent, it is unlikely you will actually be evicted unless the landlord can prove you breached a covenant in your lease or rental agreement, which is pretty difficult to do.

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