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I got paper work on a civil case no 1:10-cv-00873-BAH I'm in dalton Ga n neede someone to talk about it with

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Copyright infringement

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This case is one of several consolidated cases where plaintiffs alleged that many unknown defendants illegally downloaded and/or distributed movies online. When the suits were filed, the plaintiffs only knew the IP addresses of the defendants. Since the case has been filed, the plaintiffs have been trying to identify the defendants and properly serve them. You may have received a discovery request or service of process. I understand that potential defendants likely have many potential defenses. There is also speculation that plaintiffs are trying to settle with potential defendants. It is important to conform to the deadlines that are given in documents you received, or else you may lose certain rights. You should consult a lawyer to determine what you have received and how to respond.

This is not legal advice, the answer provided is based on the limited information available and speculation based on experience. The answer is designed to help you get started in addressing your issue. Do not rely on this answer. I hope that it helps you to begin resolving your issue.

Douglas R Holbrook

Douglas R Holbrook


It is more than speculation that Voltage Pictures is trying to settle with potential defendants. I am representing one such Doe defendant whom has received a demand letter.

Douglas R Holbrook

Douglas R Holbrook


I also understand that suit has been voluntarily dismissed, but the plaintiff is promising to file in individual state courts.


The case was filed by Voltage Pictures LLC (Plaintiff) against thousands of internet users that may have downloaded movies in which Voltage Pictures was the copyright owner. If you received paperwork, then Voltage Pictures LLC is asserting that you illegally downloaded one their copyrighted films, therefore you infringed on their copyrights.

At this point, you should speak with an intellectual property attorney to determine how you should respond to the paperwork received and what the deadlines for responding may be.

Feel free to contact an Intellectual Property Attorney in our Atlanta office for additional details. (404.496.4119) Good luck.



Our firm frequently defends these kinds of cases and we are located in Northwest Atlanta near 75 and 285, which would seem to be convenient for you. Feel free to call my office line 770.953.0995 ext. 101 if you would like to discuss your situation and potential representation.

Keep in mind that for federal suits, you only have 20 days to answer or otherwise file a response to the lawsuit once you have been served. So time is of the essence. Good luck.


It is too late for generic advise, the type provided here,. You should immediately contact an IP attorney.

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