I got my travel and work authorization after filing I-751, is there an interview after this or.....,

Asked 9 months ago - Irving, TX

I got my travel and work authorization after filing I-751 and had my finger prints done, is there an interview after this or will i get my GC after 3-4 months directly.I am a programmer working for IBM and I have to leave for a contract assignment to south america for 2 months and not sure what to do?

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  1. Giacomo Jacques Behar


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    Answered . Go about your travels without hesitation. If the I-751 was filed jointly, there is little chance for an interview to be scheduled.

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  2. Viera Buzgova

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    Answered . It tends to depend on the strength of your case that you filed. If you have a strong case, there is typically not an interview. There are two other options - the USCIS may ask you to provide additional information or they may schedule you for an interview.

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  3. Angelique Giselle Montes

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    Answered . You won't really know for sure until you receive communication from USCIS. USCIS has the discretion to approve you I-751, request that you submit additional evidence or request that you attend an interview. I have seen cases that were required to attend an interview where I believed they met the burden of proof to establish a bona fide marriage.

  4. Haroen Calehr


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    Answered . You can travel as this is really not an issue at this early stage. You may be placed in Secondary Inspection if you are utilizing your I-751 extension letter in conjunction with your existing green card. The extension letter allows you to travel until there is a final determination/adjudication of your joint application. In so far as being re-interviewed or not its usually a 6-10 ratio, with 4 out of 10 applicants being re-interviewed and usually this also depends on whether you applied jointly or alone (waiver), submitted a lot of documentary joint-cohabitation evidence or not. Often times as the other colleagues pointed out if you filed jointly but did not include to much proof of joint cohabitation, USCIS usually will issue an RFE-Request for Additional Evidence and ask for more. Good luck.

  5. Alexus Paul Sham


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    Answered . There is no hard and fast rule about I-751 cases. Sometime they do conduct interviews and other times they just send the green card. It is best to consult an attorney.

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  6. Tatyana A Edwards


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    Answered . No problem to travel. There is little chance to be scheduled for an interview if you filed jointly and satisfied the bona fide requirements by providing sufficient documentation to USCIS.

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