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I got into an accident and stupidly said it was my fault after talking to my mom i realized that it wasn't.

Winsted, CT |

I never pulled into the intersection I was still out of the line of traffic. She said I blew the light so I thought I did. Thinking back now i know I wasn't wrong. What do I do? The car in front of me went through the light so I started too thinking it was green but I stopped. Now she wants to sue me and I know its not my fault.

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Consult a personal injury attorney to investigate the incident and protect your rights if you were injured. If not hire a traffic ticket attorney to fight the ticket.

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Report the accident to your insurer, if you haven't already, and they will investigate and defend you if necessary. You can also call a lawyer near you. If you were injured, you definitely want to see a lawyer asap. Good luck


Report the accident your insurance company immediately.

Retain a personal injury attorney immediately.

Secure a copy of the police report.

Good luck

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If you are in an intersectional collision and fail to obey the traffic signal, you may be at fault for an accident. Much depends on the evidence regarding the light and the position of the vehicles in the intersection at impact and immediately prior to the car accident. Witnesses are extremely helpful in these cases. If, however, an admission was made regarding fault and that admission was made to the other driver, wintesses and/or police, it will be difficult to credibly reverse that statement. Call an attorney in the county in which you reside for a car accident consultation.

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You would want to have a local personal injury lawyer investigate.

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