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I got into a bad car accident on 6/10/12 a motorcycle and ran into I'm okay but the driver of the motorcycle passed away

Calumet City, IL |

but the other bad part is neither one of us had insurance and I also got a ticket for failing to yield but I had the right of way, what should I do before my court date on 7/6/12

but the death was ruled an accident

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You should seek the advice of a criminal defense lawyer rather than an accident attorney. You need to be very careful about what you say and do in traffic court. It might still be possible that additional charges will be filed against you. If you are contacted about a civil suit for damages by an attorney representing the estate, then ask again.

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This answer is general information and should not be considered "legal advice." Proper legal advice can only be obtained after hiring an attorney and providing full information regarding your case.



if there are other charges will I be arressted the same day

Steven Adam Sigmond

Steven Adam Sigmond




Plain and simple, hire a criminal defense lawyer from the county where the courthouse is located.


You should hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. If you can't afford one consult with the public defender. Good Luck


You definitely need a private consult with an attorney

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Every case varies depending on the law and the facts. Because questions often fail to disclose important facts, these 'answers' cannot and should not be relied upon as a replacement for a full or complete review of an actual case by a retained attorney. It is axiomatic that one only 'gets what they pay for', and this is one of those situations where such a phrase generally applies.


Were any drugs or alcohol involved? Either way you need legal representation from a criminal/traffic law defense attorney. Please consult one immediately. If the family later sues you for wrongful death and the accident did not involve alcohol or drugs and was not intentional then eventually you may need to file bankruptcy in the meantime get to a defense attorney asap

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