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I got in an accident and do not have insurance, Do I need to hire a lawyer?

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I was driving my dad's car and I hit the car in front of me. Their car was not severely damaged, it has a dent. My car was more messed up. The owners were very mellow and there was no injuries and no police report filed. My dad gave them his insurance information and they gave us their information as well. I am not listed under my dad's insurance yet. The car itself has insurance ,but I do not. What can I expect to happen now? Do I need to hire a lawyer?

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  1. Report the incident to your father's insurance company. That should conclude your concerns.

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  2. Your dad’s insurance should handle the claim unless you were an excluded driver on his policy.

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  3. Unless you are specifically excluded from the policy by NAME, you will be ok. You will be deemed a permissive use driver and your dad's insurance company will cover it..make sure you report the claim to your dad's carrier immediately though..

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  4. The insurance on the car you were driving will be the first insurance to cover the loss. If you were not an 'excluded driver' on the policy then you are likely covered under that policy. Injuries can manifest after the accident so being told at the scene of the incident that no one was injured does not foreclose the subject. Having the insurance company investigate the loss immediately will assist protecting you. So, don't delay reporting the loss.

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  5. You do not need to hire a lawyer based on the information provided. Your dad's liability insurance covers the car and follows the car while you are driving unless the policy specifically excludes you as a driver. Let your dad's insurance take care of the claim. If you are informed that there is no coverage and the other driver is pursuing a claim against you personally, you can think about a lawyer.

    Good luck.

  6. Probably NOT. Dad's insurance should take care of it for now, unless policy specifically excludes YOU.

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  7. it is likely if you live in the same household as your dad you will be excluded from coverage and you will need to make arrangements to resolve the other parties damages. Having a lawyer assist is a good idea.

  8. This situation frequently occurs with children of insured drivers. I do not believe that there will be personal liability for either you or your father must there was a reason for you not to be driving.

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  9. Report it to your dad's insurance company to resolve.

  10. No. That's what insurances are for, to defend their insures' cases. I agree with all of the attorneys in this forum. Unless you were specifically excluded, you are considered a permissive user. Permissive users are covered by the insurance. Goodluck and drive safe!

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  11. Your father's insurance will handle any claims made.

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