I got hurt from a fall inside a produce store last Thursday, Mar. 28, 2013. When do I file a claim for a case for the incident?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Schaumburg, IL

While shopping in Valley Produce in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, I slipped and caused my fall. The floor looked like been earlier swept and left some green residues. My hip joint got hurt, felt light-headed, BP went up. Personnels of the store came over and asked If I was ok. I told, I need medical attention. So they called 911 and brought me to the nearest hospital, in St Alexius Medical Center. Xrays on my pelvic and arm revealed no fracture. Upon discharge from the hospital, I went back to the store and talked to the personnel in charge. He showed me his incident report that was faxed to their insurance. I got a copy of that and called my insurance as well and reported the incident. Pain didn't persist so much that day so I worked that night but till now I still feel the sored hip.

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    Answered . You've done most of the things "right" so far. If they faxed it to their insurance company, they are aware of it. DId you get a copy of this report? Do you have the insurer's contact information? The name of the person you spoke to at the store?

    All of these would be important for the attorney who handles your case.

    I recommend not handling this yourself, as premises liability case law is particularly difficult to surmount unless you know what you are doing.

    Fortunately, you don't seem badly hurt. Keep following up with the medical treatment. If you don't have any serious injuries, you may still wish to contact a lawyer, as it is difficult to prove a slip and fall on a foreign substance case, such as this, and to prove amorphous "pain and suffering" damages without a lawyer experienced in how to present damages.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . It sounds like you need medical attention. It is quite normal for pain to arise a few hours or days after an accident. Consult with your physician and explain what happened. Afterwards, contact a local attorney to review your case. Slip and fall cases are subject to the laws of each state and may have more complications. Use Avvo to find counsel and schedule a free consultation. Best of luck and get well.

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    Answered . Get medical attention, and retain the above lawyer in your state to investigate.

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    Answered . When you file a claim for slip and fall injuries is important. More important, though is how you file and what you need to say in order to establish a valid premisees liability claim. Here's why: [Blue-Link-Below]

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    Answered . Important for you to get appropriate medical attention; if appropriate. Local counsel is likewise necessary now; for example, if witnesses need to be contacted. Good luck.

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    Answered . You should talk to a personal injury attorney that specializes in premises liability or, as it is commonly called, "slip and fall" law. These cases are very different from traditional personal injury cases in some states and requires a lot of legal work to assert your rights and collect for your claim.

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    Answered . Slip and fall cases in Illinois are very difficult to win-however, if you have the right facts, they can be won. Having said that, slip and fall cases really require an attorney because of all the trap doors that come with that type of claim. See an attorney that routinely handles slip and fall cases to determine if you have a case.

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    Answered . Best advice is to seek medical treatment, do not speak with anyone from the insurance company or store (or give any statements) and seek the aid of a local personal injury attorney who can take it from here. Good luck.

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    Answered . What caused you to slip & fall? "Green Residues" what does that mean??

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    Answered . Simply falling on someone's property does not make a claim. There has to be notice and reasonable time rectify the problem. Assuming that you have those conditions met, you have a claim but the question is what is it worth? I would contact a local attorney in your area that specializes in Personal injury claims

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