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I got hurt a work and went on workers comp and now im back to work.. having pain

Berkley, MI |

I got hurt at work and i started drawing work comp, i stayed on workers comp for 5 months and my workers comp stopped my checks, so i went to my doctor and told him i had no choice to go back to work or i was going to be broke, my doctor released me without restrictions, 2 weeks later i went to work and now my back is hurting again, what can i do? my work comp did stop my checks about 1 week before i got released to go to work? he said i missed to many phyiscal therapy appointments, but they were very i still have medical to see my doctor thru work comp..

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  1. You kind of "shot yourself in your foot" so
    to speak. You "missed" therapy? If that was
    a condition of your WC checks then you have
    no excuse now.


  2. Yes you still get to see your doctor even if you missed some appointments.

    You should consult an attorney in your State at once.

  3. Your mistake was not hiring an experienced WC attorney at the beginning. When PT is too painful, you need to immediately advise the ordering physician and ask whether the order should be modified or whether the level of pain you are experiencing is normal. If you had done that, you would not have had any benefits suspended and you would not have been desperate to RTW prematurely. You need the direction of a doctor you can trust and then a competent attorney who can assure you get that care.

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