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I got hit by a deaf lady that ran a red light, I have 4 fractured vertebra along with other problems. How much could I sue for?

West Valley, UT |

My biggest fear was getting in a car crash, I feel I can't even ride in a car anymore. I know this will effect my career and future money income.

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  1. It makes no difference if the offending driver is deaf - she has a responsibility to watch the light. If you had an injury free back before and now have fractures that injury is significant. As for how much the case is worth depends on the damages. Typically you can be compensated for past lost wages, future lost wages, past medical costs, and future medical costs. These damages have to be proved more probable than not. In order to do that you will need experts to say that the injuries are legitimate and are the result of the crash. You may also be able to claim and be compensated for retraining if your career path is no longer viable. You are also entitled to compensation for the pain you have and may have in the future. Happy to talk with you.

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  2. A local personal injury lawyer will likely consult with you free of charge, and would be better able to gather information to evaluate your case.

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  3. (1) The first issue is identification of all of the ways the injury has impacted you - no attorney can evaluate the value of your claim based on a couple of lines posted on the internet.

    (2) We always at least attempt an amicable settlement with an insurance company before we draw up any court paperwork.

  4. From what you have said this looks like a valuable case. You have an objective injury in an area of the body that may require surgery that could clearly put your case at least in the six figures if not more. You also could recover for lost wages and future lost income along with possible vocational loss and a life care plan. All of these concepts should be quantified with an expert. A litigation law firm can best leverage your case into maximizing the value of your claim.

  5. Well, it sounds like you have significant injuries, which could translate into a significant settlement. However, we would need to look how how the injuries are going to affect your life. How much are the medical bills? What limitations do you have? Will you have a full recovery? What is the prognosis? There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when determining how much a case is worth. I always advise clients to wait to settle or sue until we know the full extent of your injuries and how your life has been harmed. Only then will you be sure you are getting what you deserve.

  6. That is a complicated question that you should defer to an experienced personal injury attorney. Many factors go into that equation, including the liability, medical bills and wage loss, disability, whether the injuries are permanent, and a host of other considerations. My advice is to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, preferably before you give any statements to the other insurance company. Good luck, David Roth

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